Water Dispensers

Meet our cooler fleet. Variying in style and capacity, they each use our NSF engineered filter system. The filter design uses 4 separate high volume I type filters connected in series to yield extra high quality and complete membrane filtration. No matter your choice of dispenser your drinking water will be super filtered and taste clean and delicious. Remember *reject plastic and use bottleless.

The 5 series water dispenser

The 5 series water dispenser is a large capacity digital cooler with hot, cold and room temperature selections and a larger lighted alcove for water bottles.

The 3 series water dispenser

The 3 series is a moderate volume analog dispenser with hot and cold selections. One particular advantage to this dispenser is electricity is not required for dispensing.

The 8020 water dispenser

The 8020 is the smallest footprint upright dispenser measuring just 13′ square at the base and 42″ tall. It’s elegant and comes in white also.

The 4011 water dispenser

The 4011 is the largest volume reservoirs we stock and suitable to meet demand of high volume locations.

G4 bottleless Water Cooler

The G4 is a premium hot/cold “Bottle-less” water cooler, which is equipped with an easy to use microprocessor control panel and illuminated dispensing gap.

Ultimate Water Dispenser

The World’s most unique, and most advanced water dispensing system ever created! It holds just over 5 gallons (20 liters), and dispenses Hot/Cold as well as Ambient Water.

Monthly rate starts asl low as $17 per month