What is in your water

What is in your water

What is in your water (and how to get rid of that)?

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Everything looks perfect – it tastes good, looks good, and you pay a reasonable price as well. So why some of your employees are falling ill? Is there something wrong? What’s in your water?

  • Check your Richmond, VA water report here.
  • Check your Henrico Co water report here.
  • Check your Chesterfield Co water report here.
  • Check your Hanover Co water report here.

Water that we use for cooking and personal lives is eventually recycled back into keeping the water pure from contaminants. As humans condensed into cities, waste removal, disease control, and water treatment that we have become used to, was not a thing. Combine that with the start of industrial revolution in the later-half of the 18th century and a lack of environmental protection legislation, human kind starts having a problem with our water supply. The natural filtration and purification process is no longer sufficient in keeping the water pure and contamination-free.

Cities like Richmond, VA and surrounding counties of Henrico, Chesterfield, and Hanover are suffering from toxic levels of lead in water, but is it the only thing you have in water? Well, NO! Here are some contaminants that might be pouring out of the faucet:

Chlorine: Yes, it has some remarkable disinfectant properties that are great for water purification, but the fact is: it is not 100% safe. Chlorine is a really reactive chemical that produces poisonous HCL, and ultimately causes a lot of respiratory issues.

Fluoride: Fluoride is basically added to water to reduce tooth decay. The fact is, fluoride is a neurotoxin and you can face many issues in your thyroid gland.

Mercury: Very toxic substance that can even cause blindness, brain damage and constant headaches. Sadly many mild components of mercury are found in the office water delivery services.

Aluminum: Short term intake is not harmful, however you drink (water containing aluminum) daily for about a year, the impact could be devastating.

Arsenic: A lot of people suffer from circulatory system damage by drinking water including arsenic.

There are a lot more containments in your water such as, Barium, Nitrate, Zinc, Uranium, Beryllium, Silver and more.

Now you might be thinking, “No, we use a perfect office water delivery service that filters it properly”. Well, you might be wrong!

Every water source today that goes through filtration has to be tested and reported on. Aside from some obvious examples that could be listed here such as Flint, MI just because it is tested doesn’t mean it is safe or harmless. Furthermore, this testing is to ensure not that something is completely removed from the water supply, simply within “acceptable” ranges. For example, here’s a list of what is in the local water supply AFTER filtration in two cities, in two different states, in the US (in 1 report, more than 75 contaminants were listed!):

  • Coliform bacteria
  • Barium
  • Lead
  • Copper
  • Dissolved solids
  • Nitrate
  • Chromium
  • Mercury
  • Radium
  • Chlorine and several other disinfectants

Those dissolved solids listed above are just one indicator of how “hard” water is. Private, home water treatment systems can either filter your water or soften your water or both. There are affordable measures YOU can take to get rid of all these contaminants in your water. Our office water dispenser uses an engineered filtration system designed to remove contaminants. Contact us today about renting an office water cooler to purify your drinking water.

Pasiley, Scotland is creditedas the first city with a municipal water filtration and treatment system in 1828, followed shortly afterwards by London, England. Municipal water treatment facilities were slow to catch on. Berlin installed its first water filter systems in 1856 with most other major European cities shortly after. It was as late as 1890, due to typhoid epidemics in the US and a new understanding of how bacterium works that a correlation between water contamination and disease was understood. In the early 20th century chlorine was being added to water municipal systems worldwide as a way to kill bacteria and offer protection from diseases. Chlorine is still used today and literally works as a disinfectant. This means it doesn’t remove any contaminants only kills them. This is important to note, because most public water treatment systems filter water down to a size that still allows this dead bacteria to pass through, along with other harmful substances.

It is really important to choose an office water filter that works perfectly. Stop relying on those low quality office water delivery services; you need something that offers you complete peace of mind.

Our water supply is still in drastic need of further filtration and purification but is cost-prohibitive at the municipal level. It is not out of range though for the individual to safeguard their home or office with the variety of products available to filter your water properly.